SunSun HJ 1842 Eco Pond Pump 1800 l/h, 40 Watt Aquarium Pump Air Intake Ventilation


The SunSun HJ pump is one of the pump with the highest Wirkungs bike in the aquaria.
Compared to the power consumption of the HJ series with other pond pumps, as you will see that the trend to save energy truly recognised and has been implemented. Aquarium Pumps are service life runner, every watt savings is relief for any purse.

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  • The Max. Maximum flow rate is 1800 L/H with a power consumption of only 40 W.
  • The maximum height is 2.5 m.
  • Perfect for small ponds and a very quiet motor for the fish, tank and aquarium.
  • Pond cleaning and oxygenating in one step.

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