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Our Vision

Discus Den T&T was created to help discus and fish hobbyists alike with products and services that are unique and best priced to help avid hobbyist save money and keep their favorite pets at optimum health.

Who We Are

We are discus hobbyists who fell in love with these absolutely gorgeous fish called the kings of the aquarium. We started with a few strains and it evolved to many. During this time we have made many mistakes and have learned from them through research and experience. Many people believe that discus is one of the hardest fishes to keep but from our experience that is not true once you maintain good water quality, feed them quality food and maintain good husbandry, you will be fine. I want to encourage persons who visit our site and have questions please reach out to us and we will be happy to help you and advise so you too can enjoy discus keeping. Much love and respect goes out to the all the discus breeders and hobbyists in Trinidad and I hope we can support you all in the continuation of the hobby as well as introducing new persons to it.


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